Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions page! If you don’t find the answer to your question below, please feel free to send me an e-mail via the Contact tab in my menu bar.

1. I placed an order and I didn’t receive download links.

After you place an order, you receive a couple emails. The email with your download links, unfortunately, looks like your order is being processed. In fact, if says it is being processed. This email has your links attached. See the illustration below. After ordering, you should also be redirected to a download page in the account you set up during checkout.


2. Could you create your printable in a different language for me?

Despite a few years of high school Latin and Spanish, I only speak and write in English. While many people have offered to help me translate materials, I simply don’t have time to make these modifications. Thank you for understanding.

3. I’d like your printable better if ______________.  Could you change it for me?

Once in a very great while, I have time to accommodate a request for changing a free printable. However, life is busy and this is not always possible. If you asked me to adjust a printable and were directed to this page, the answer is no. Thank you for understanding!

4. Could you give me your printable unsecured so I can change it the way I like it?

For copyright reasons, I do not share unsecured files.

5. Could you give me your template so I can make your printable into something that works better for me?

Again, for copyright reasons, the answer is no.

6. I can’t download your printable!  What’s wrong with your website?

Most likely, nothing is wrong with my website and most people can download the printable without any trouble.  I actually have a troubleshooting post that I link to underneath the download link in almost every free printable. Did you miss it?  You can view it here.  99% of the time, it has the solution.

7. I ordered something from your shop and didn’t get it.  Help!

Send me a personal email via my contact form.  I answer these e-mails as quickly as possible, often within the hour. If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, feel free to send another note.

8. I noticed an error or typo in one of your printables.  Would you fix it?

If you find the error in a paid product, I will fix it as soon as I can, usually the same day, time permitting. However, it often takes me a couple months to find time to fix errors in my freebies. I do appreciate hearing about them though, and I file away your e-mail for a time when I can take care of it.

Don’t see the answer your question? Feel free to contact me.  I make it a goal to answer every e-mail, but I’m not always able to do so in a timely manner.  If I haven’t replied within a week, please try again to get your question to the top of my inbox.

Thanks so much for visiting!