I finally finished the Book of Mormon character sets. This summer’s been extra busy but I had a little time on my hands over the weekend.

I wasn’t sure where to begin, I decided to start with the Brother of Jared. Of course, you can study these pages in any order you choose.

I received a questions about how to find the lineage and definition of Book of Mormon names. This is good question and one I’ve struggled with myself. But there is a project in the works that should be published soon with this information. It states in the article that, One way to defend the Book of Mormon is by a study of its proper names and origins”. Find the article here. There is mention of some of the major names in the BOM in the article, so that may be somewhat helpful for now. I guess you’ll have to come back to those sections and fill them in later :)

You can print either the odd or even pages from your printer so you get all style pages you’d like. Most printers have this as an option. 

Both sets are the same layout as the Old Testament and New Testament pages and include additional blank pages for people you’d like to study not included in this set.
Book of Mormon people included in these sets:
  1. Brother of Jared
  2. Father Lehi
  3. Sariah
  4. Laman
  5. Lemuel
  6. Sam
  7. Nephi
  8. Jacob
  9. Enos
  10. Abinadi
  11. Alma the Elder
  12. King Benjamin
  13. Alma the Younger
  14. Ammon
  15. Captain Moroni
  16. Helaman
  17. Gadianton
  18. Samuel
  19. Jesus Christ
  20. Mormon
  21. Moroni