Studying the characters of the people in the scriptures is a great way for your children to connect with the principles being taught and learn how to better apply them to their lives. There are so many great examples in the bible to follow, as well as, some not so great examples to learn from of how not to behave.

There are 2 different sets in this collection of notebooking pages. Unlike the Old Testament pages, I put these into two separate files. They are the same layout as the OT pages, with additional pages for people you’d like to study not included in these sets.
One note, I usually use MediaFire to store and link to my large files, however, MediaFire has been… well being a stinker and not working well for me…. so I’m uploading to Scribd.
New Testament people included in these sets:
  1. Zacharias
  2. Elisabeth, Mother of John the Baptist
  3. Mary, Mother of Jesus
  4. Joseph
  5. Herod the Great
  6. Jesus (Early Years)
  7. John the Baptist
  8. Herod Antipas
  9. Jesus (Ministry)
  10. Simon Peter (Apostle)
  11. John (Apostle)
  12. James, Son of Zebedee (Apostle)
  13. Andrew (Apostle)
  14. Philip (Apostle)
  15. Bartholomew (Apostle)
  16. Thomas (Apostle)
  17. Matthew (Apostle)
  18. James, Son of Alphoeus (Apostle)
  19. Thaddaeus (Apostle)
  20. Simon the Zealot (Apostle)
  21. Judas Iscariot (Apostle)
  22. Lazaius
  23. Zacchaeus
  24. Nicodemus
  25. Pontius Pilate
  26. Mary Magdalene 
  27. Jesus (Last Days)
  28. Saul/Paul

New Testament Character Study Notebooking Pages
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