Primary 2 Notebook

I’ve had several of you request a Primary 2 notebook. I’ve completed 25 of the 46 lessons in this set. When you purchase, you are purchasing all 46 lessons. I will have the notebook completed no later than January 31. However, I believe I’ll have it completed before the end of the year.

I will be posting updates on the blog when I’ve added more lessons. Please consider signing up for blog updates after purchasing so you will know when to come back and download the remaining lessons.

The price will go up to $5.00 after I’ve completed all the lessons. Now is a great time to purchase!

I’m committing to having it finished no later than January 31. Again, I’m pretty sure it won’t take me that long. I’m selling it for only $4.00 until I’ve completed it. After which, it will go up to $5.00.

Primary 2 Notebook is only $5.00 $4.00! It will save you so much time looking for things for your class to do at the end of the lesson! And your kids will love them!

LDS Primary 2 Notebook Samples


This is a collection of worksheets, hand-outs and lesson helps for the LDS Primary 2 Manual.

Some lessons have more than one worksheet so you have options. For example, there might be a page for a girl and a page for boy.

Many of the worksheets are cut and paste activities. The cut-outs will be be on the page following the lesson worksheet.

If the lesson has word strips, questions or other helps for teaching being used, I added those for your as well. However, I didn’t add some things if the manual provided a print out for you.

Some of the activities you’ll find in this notebook include
  • 2 notebook cover options
  • coloring
  • tracing
  • puzzles
  • mazes
  • cut and paste
  • and so much more!

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