Primary 3 Notebook

I created this notebook for my primary class and shared them with other members of the church. As a result, I learned what worked and what didn’t from my own experience and from great feedback.

I decided to compile the helps into one downloads to make it easier to put them together. I also made worksheets rather than cut and paste pages for easier prep.

My primary kids love their notebooks and look forward to them each week. I hope your kids do as well!

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!

About Primary 3 Notebook

This is a 125 page collection of worksheets, hand-outs and lesson helps that go along with the LDS Primary 3 Manual. It is intended to create a notebook for your primary class. However, it would also work great for Family Home Evening, homeschooling parents and grandparents. Or don’t use it as a notebook at all and just as hand-outs for your class. Do what works best for you!

Some lessons have more than one worksheet so you have options. For example, there might be a page for a girl and a page for boy.

Many of the worksheets have cut and paste activities. The cut-outs will be be on the page following the lesson worksheet.

If the lesson has word strips or questions being used from the lessons, I also added those to the lesson helps.

Primary 3 Notebook is only $5.00! It will save you so much time looking for things for your class to do at the end of the lesson! And your kids will love them!



LDS Primary 3 Notebook Samples
Some of the activities you’ll find in this notebook include
  • 2 notebook cover options
  • coloring
  • tracing
  • puzzles
  • mazes
  • cut and paste
  • and so much more!

Please note: This is an instant downloadable product.

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